Hi, I'm Mathias

Welcome to my portfolio
I'm a professional Software Developer and DevOps Engineer

A quick Bio:

  • Started programming with 12
  • Python enthusiast
  • django developer
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) expert
  • debian fanboy
  • Hobby Musician and Sound-Engineer
  • Electronics and Raspberry Pi tinkerer
  • My favourite dish is goulash (without paprika)
  • I hate paprika

I'm a perfectionist and I try to follow the amazing Zen of Python in all of my projects.
I love researching new solutions to optimize code and infrastructure.

There must be a better way.

I'm maintaining my own dedicated server with xen virtualization to host mail-, web-, and game-servers and other IoT projects.
My self-hosted GitLab and CI runner help me to learn everything about Continious Integration and allow me to run as many pipelines as I need without running out of CI/CD minutes. My focus is on building reliable Software: I aim 100% code coverage when writing tests and build complex test-matrices support all available dependency versions.

Django's philosophy: Documentation is code inspired me to use Sphinx to provide automatically generated code-documentations that are versioned along with the code.

Other tools, frameworks and languages I like and am familiar with: